Kendo Grid Select Editor

Templates for GoodNotes

Templates for GoodNotes and other notes applications.

Asymmetric Sparkbars

A quick way to create asymmetric sparkbars..

Json.NET and NHibernate Serialization Blues

Keep Json.NET from going too deep on NHibernate proxies.

JSON Entity Converter

Setting up FxCop under CruiseControl.NET

New (Old) Web App Architecture

An new approach to building web apps that has been around for quite some times..

.Net Interfaces Are Not Classes

A brief look at .Net instance and class inheritance through the lens of DataBinding..

Three Ways To Indent JSON

.Net DI Container Speed Redux

.Net DI Container Speed Test

A comparison of performance in object retrieval of six .Net Dependency Injection containers.

Quickly Move Messages In

Two Significant New Features In Lion

Word Count Service For OS X

ipy - Completion For Python Interactive

Enabling completion for Python in interactive mode..

Jekyll vs. Hyde - A Comparison Of Two Static Site Generators

A comparison of Jekyll and Hyde when considering a static website generator..